Work Package I: Education and Skills
1. The impact of assortative mating on income inequality over time (Nicola Fuchs-SchündelnZhao JinAlexander LudwigIrina Popova)
2. On the optimal interplay between early and late education subsidies  (Fabian BeckerAlexander LudwigDirk Krüger)
3. Inequality, Productivity Dispersion, and Supply of Skills (Manuel Macera, Hitoshi Tsuijyama)
4. The changing opportunities of non-college educated Americans (Margherita Borella, Mariacristina De NardiFang Yang)

Work Package II: The Labour Market and Labour Income Inequality
1. Income taxation and inequality ( Alexander BickNicola Fuchs-Schündeln)
2. Trends and inequality in hours worked and labor-market participation (Tobias Broer, Per KrusellJonna Olsson)
2a. Labor supply under Heterogeneus Agents: The Case of Complete Markets
2b. Can Stable Preferences Explain Postwar U.S. Hours Worked?
3a. Why are Some Regions so Much More Productive than Others? (Chiara Lacava)
3b. Brain drain, employment and productivity (Chiara Lacava)
4. Should Germany Build a New Wall? Macroeconomic Lessons from the 2015-20? Refugee Wave (Christopher Busch, Zainab Iftikhar, Dirk Krüger, Alexander Ludwig, Irina Popova

Work Package III: The Capital Market and Wealth Inequality
1. Identity Capital (Per Krusell, Agneta Berge, Frederik Paues)
2. Role of taxation for the development of income and wealth inequality in the US (Joachim HubmerPer KrusellTony Smith)
3. Optimal Taxes on Capital in the OLG Model with Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Income Risk (Dirk Krüger, Alexander Ludwig)
4. How do Inheritances Shape Wealth Inequality? (Arash NekoeiDavid Seim)
5. Household income expectations and debt inequality (Kathrin Schlafmann, Filip Rozsypal)
6. Monetary policy, heterogeneity and the housing channel (Kurt Mitman)

Work Package IV: Risk and Insurance

1. Earnings and consumption risk over the life cycle and the business cycle (Giulio FellaMariacristina De Nardi)
2. Higher-order income risk over the business cycle: a parametric Approach (Christopher BuschAlexander Ludwig)
3. How health care policies affect labor supply choices (Eric FrenchHans-Martin von Gaudecker, John Jones)
4. Labour Market Outcomes and the Pension Contribution-Benefit Link (Eric French, Attila Lindner, Cormac O'Dea, Tomasz Zawisza)
5. Risk-sharing in Village Economies Revisited (Tobias Broer, Tessa Bold)
6. Consumption-risk sharing over the business cycle (Tobias Broer, Paul Klein)