Irina Popova visits the University of Pennsylvania

Joint work on TRISP subproject “The impact of assortative mating on income inequality over time”

Starting this summer, Irina Popova will visit the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for one year. Popova will be visiting Prof. Dirk Krueger of the Department of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania is the world-leading institution in quantitative macroeconomics, which presents Ms. Popova a unique platform for professional exchange and the opportunity to meet leading experts of her field.

Popova and Krueger are both team members of the project “TRISP – Trends in Inequality: Sources and Policy” funded by NORFACE. During her stay, Popova plans to work intensively on the subproject “The impact of assortative mating on income inequality over time”, which is part of the TRISP project.

Prof. Krueger is a renowned expert on quantitative macroeconomics. His research is located in the field of macroeconomics but has strong links to other fields of economics, especially to public finance. He combines economic theory with empirical and computational methods to answer research questions that are of immediate policy relevance.

Moreover, Popova will be in contact with Prof. Victor Rios-Rull and Prof. Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde during her stay, who are top experts in their field and will provide very valuable input to the TRISP subproject.